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 Best software site

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PostSubject: Best software site   Tue Dec 08, 2009 7:02 am

Hola miembros de actionhacks , en este post quisiera deciros donde podeis comprar o descargar gratis todos los softwares y programas que necesiteis.
El site se llama : , yo estoy regristrado en el desde hace mas de 2 años y todos los programas que uso o pruebo son sacados de esta pagina.
Puedes realizar las descargas por sms...solo dos , o entrando a la web del software o programa , a traves de y realizar la descarga gratis.
Fiable 100/100 , y totalmente recomendable para comprar cualquier programa o software ,sin salir de casa.
Puedes acceder al vip para descargas ilimitadas por un precio modico , pero en mi caso no es necesario , ya que si no puedo descargar gratis desde la web del fabricante y me interesa mucho el programa o software , solo envio dos sms y ya esta , descarga rapida y segura por tan solo 3 € max.
Pero tambien muy recomendable para descargas gratuitas , ya que desde accedemos a la pagina web del fabricante del programa o software que nos queramos descargar.
Esta web es española , pero se puede acceder a ella en mas de 20 idiomas.

Hello actionhacks members in this post I want to say where you can buy or download all the software and programs you need.
The site is called:, I'm regristrado in for over 2 years and all the programs you use or test are taken from this page.
You can do the downloads via sms ... only two, or going to the website of the software or program, through and free to download.
Reliable 100/100, and totally recommended to buy any program or software, without leaving home.
You can access the VIP for unlimited downloads for one low price, but in my case it is not necessary, because if I can download free from the manufacturer's website and I am very interested in the program or software, just sent two sms and now this, download fast and safe by just 3 € max.
But also highly recommended for free downloads, because since we access the manufacturer's website or software program that we want to download.
This site is Spanish, but it is accessible in over 20 languages.
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PostSubject: Re: Best software site   Sat Dec 12, 2009 10:24 pm

Seems pretty bad

check it out -

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PostSubject: Re: Best software site   Sun Dec 13, 2009 7:22 am

Hello Flyndingo , I see ur link ,
and I just would say u , is not to pretty bad.
Just one words to that link u post :

one guy say :
why after I paid mc affe the color that suite ( ) is red , and afther I paid Mc affe the color change automaticly in magic ??

lol that is the really trhue : if u paid Mc affe security that site is pretty green , if not paid is dangerous RED

Softonic have trhee donwloads system in her site :
1- Vip ( u pay maybe 20 € , a month 4 a illimeted donlwload )
2- sending two sms ( price 1.5€ x one :: 3 € )
3- free donwload.

If u try : 1 or 2 .....NEVER ,NEVER,NEVER nobody can say any trouble about crash in her laptop or viruses or other any trouble in her donwload in

Belive me Flyndingo

I try a lot a times 2 : two sms ( 1,5€ x everyone )

If u try donwload free : The same site ( ) BEFORE U DONWLOAD, ADVERTISE U VERY CLEAR ABOUT SOFTONIC.COM IS NOT RESPONSABILITY THAT SOTWARE OR PROGRAM U WANT DONWLOAD ARE CLEAN TO VIRUSES( like a any p2p , e-mule,torrent,lime were , ares , etc ).

I when donwload some free program in that site , i take care, ( if not my antiviruses stop it donwload 4 alarm in that program ) , i not started any free program, before I scan it whit antivirus, and in same site ( softonic ) have posted the original web to desing that software or program u want , when I found who make it the software or program I donwload from original site who make it , no from softonic , softonic just publish free program and name of site who make it...u try
All the best Flyndingo
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PostSubject: Re: Best software site   

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Best software site
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