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 Creating your own D3D hack, (not hook)

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PostSubject: Creating your own D3D hack, (not hook)   Sun Oct 18, 2009 11:28 am

There's a program called Game Maker, and it looks very simple at first, until you start making 3D shooter games.

It's called GML, but it will teach you to develope your own D3D codes, instead of finding them on the site, or whatever you do at the time. It does NOT teach you how to make D3D hooks and hacks, but it will get you started on making D3D codes, as i stated before.

Tutorial :

If you don't just want to learn D3D, and you want to make some good games, you can. There are decent 3D games made with game maker.
(Pay close attention to the car game, he made an outstanding 3D map editor, that could be used for other games, if he wanted.)

YT Vid:

Game made on Game Maker (yoyogames)

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Creating your own D3D hack, (not hook)
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